Westinghouse CEO Lauds Administration's Ongoing Support for Nuclear Power

Westinghouse Electric Company President and CEO Steve Tritch today lauded the Bush administration's fiscal year 2004 budget proposal for its forward-looking support for nuclear power. "The administration's continued expressions of support reflects a strong knowledge of the economic and environmental benefits of commercial nuclear power," Mr. Tritch said. "We are particularly encouraged by continuing endorsement of new plant construction in the United States by 2010, and we equally applaud the administration's objective to enhance the performance and output of the nation's existing fleet of light water reactors."

Westinghouse Electrical Company, with headquarters in Monroeville, Pa., employs nearly 9000 persons throughout the world. The Company provided the first pressurized water reactor in Shippingport, Pa. in 1957. Today, approximately one-half of the world's operating nuclear power plants were either supplied by Westinghouse, or are based on its designs. In the United States, Westinghouse has supplied directly more than 60 percent of the more than 100 operating plants. The Company has developed an advanced technology, the AP1000, which is designed to produce cost-competitive electricity in a manner that is even safer and more efficient than existing plants.

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