Arktika nuclear icebreaker now unauthorized access protected

One more nuclear icebreaker supervised and operated by Murmansk Shipping Company has been equipped with an authorized access physical protection system. This is reportedly by Regnum news agency the second icebreaker generation pioneer Arktika nuclear powered ship. Earlier such systems were installed on the nuclear icebreaker Soviet Union, nuclear lighter ship Sevmorput, and technical support ship Imandra, which contains irradiated nuclear fuel. The installation work is executed under the Russian Federation governmental Decree of March 7, 1997 “On Approval of Physical Protection Regulations for Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials, Nuclear Installations, and Nuclear Material Storage Facilities” and intergovernmental agreements of Russia with Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and, previously, with the United States.

The work to equip Arktika with the physical protection system has been carried out since December 2002 by general contractor the specialized enterprise JSC Eskort-Center with the ship crew adjusting the standard protection system to the ship’s conditions. The system is vibration and noise-proof and possess the necessary degree of operating reliability. The crew was getting assistance from experts of the Swedish Nuclear Safety Inspectorate, Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, and the UK Department of Trade and Industry. After Arktika work is completed the similar physical protection system is to be installed expectedly by September 10, 2003 on the Yamal nuclear icebreaker. The foreign partners allocated US$ 1,6 M to equip two icebreakers.


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