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Russian Fast Reactor Uses First Batch of MOX
Russia says that the Beloyarsk-3 fast reactor unit has burned ‘its first 10
kilogrammes’ of mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel, manufactured from weapons-grade plutonium.
Speaking during a visit to the Novovoronezh nuclear plant on 11th July, atomic
energy minister Alexander Rumyantsev said: “The legacy of Cold War,
military-origin plutonium will be reprocessed for use (as commercial fuel) in
nuclear plants… this first experience at the BN-600 nuclear unit demonstrated
high efficiency of the new fuel, and this work will be continued.”
The Nuclear Society of Russia (NSR) says that this is the first time MOX has
been burned in a Russian commercial nuclear power reactor, following similar
experiments carried out at a research reactor at the Russian Institute of Atomic
Reactors in Dimitrovgrad “several years ago”.
Beloyarsk-3 began commercial operation in 1981 and has a net capacity of 560
Meanwhile, the US and Russia have signed an agreement finalising arrangements
for access to nuclear facilities in two Siberian cities.
The agreement was needed to provide for the closure of two reactors at Sevensk
and one in the Tomsk region – all of which are capable of producing weapons-grade
The reactors will be replaced by fossil-fueled co-generation plants under a
US-Russian agreement ratified earlier this year.

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