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South Korea Selects Site For Radwaste Repository
The South Korean government has selected a site for the construction of a
radioactive waste repository on the island of Wido, situated in the county of
Buan near to the mainland province of North Jeolla.
The South Korean ministry of commerce, industry and energy (MOCIE) announced the
site selection on 24th July. A site selection committee, appointed by MOCIE, said
that Wido was "considered to be suitable as a repository site through examination
of its geological features, efficiency for investment and proximity to
infrastructure such as power and water".
Following the announcement, the government said on 26th July that a "package of
incentives" for the residents of Wido would be drawn up "in return for letting
the central government build the nuclear waste storage facilities there". It
added that a special task force would push for the introduction of legislation to
provide financial assistance to the county.
Following a cabinet meeting today, the government said that it will now "seek
ways of pushing for projects that will benefit the residents", rather than
providing them with direct financial compensation. Commerce and industry minister
Yoon Jin-sik added that the "provision of cash compensation to Wido’s residents
would set an undesirable precedent".
The government says that ministries involved in the project will now meet to
discuss details of the promised assistance projects, while a committee consisting
of 11 ministries – established after the selection of the Wido site – will "draw
up and carry out plans to fulfill the government’s commitments to the area".
In February this year a total of four sites, all in the west of the country,
were selected as final candidates for the siting of the repository. The site
selection committee, comprising members of the government, nuclear research
organisations and academics was also established in the same month.
MOCIE adds that Buan county was the "sole applicant to house the nuclear
repository", and that the county would also receive 2 trillion South Korean Won
(approximately 1.5 million Euros) in financial aid from the central government in
return for providing its territory for the proposed repository.
Start of construction of the repository is planned for October 2006. A low- and
medium-level radioactive waste disposal facility is expected to be complete by
2008, while it is hoped that construction of a temporary storage facility for
spent nuclear fuel will be finished by 2016.

New Spent Fuel Facility For Romania’s Cernavoda
Atomic Energy of Canada (AECL) and Romanian nuclear utility Nuclearelectrica
today officially opened a dry spent nuclear fuel storage facility at the
Cernavoda nuclear plant site in Romania.
AECL says that the above-ground, modular air cooled storage facility (Macstor)
will store spent fuel from the two identical Canadian-style Candu reactor units
at the Cernavoda site after cooling. The company adds that the spent fuel will be
able to spend "more than fifty years" at the facility.
Cernavoda-1 entered commercial operation in 1996, while a commercial contract
for the completion and commissioning of Cernavoda-2 came into effect in April.
Completion of Cernavoda-2 is expected in 2007.

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