TVEL to eliminate consequences of Paks accident

Paks nuclear plant directors had made the decision to engage Russia’s JSC TVEL to eliminate consequences of fuel assembly damages at Paks-2. Paks-2 accident happened this April while fuel bundles were washed using Framatome ANP technology and equipment to result in the bundle serious damage. However, Paks stated they were happy with quality of nuclear fuel supplied by TVEL. The Plant Manager noted in his letter to Minister of RF of Atomic Energy Alexander Rumyantsev that "the bundle damages were not due to any design deficiencies but due to errors made during the clean-up operation".

Paks directors reviewed two technical offers regarding the elimination of accident consequences submitted by JSC TVEL and Framatome ANP. The Russian offer had been prepared by experts from design and research institutes having experience in working under similar conditions: Gidropress, Kurchatov Institute, VNIINM, NIIAR, Sosny specialized research company. The work will be done with involvement of experts from these and other organizations. TVEL’s technical offer envisages 8 months for development of project and the mere restoration activities not considering time for getting approvals from Hungarian regulators.

TVEL plans to develop, manufacture and supply the equipment, hardware and tooling necessary to eliminate the effects of fuel rod damages and to develop the work execution procedure to be done by the Russian and Hungarian experts. The work is expected to end up with removal of fuel bundles and their fragments from the washing vessel into leaktight casings. Besides, the Russian experts will get assistance in clean-up and removal of this vessel from the vault. The equipment is to be manufactured with participation of Hungarian enterprises. Presently, a recovery work contracting procedure is under way with all commercial and technical terms and conditions to be agreed upon during negotiations.


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