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Romanian Unit Off Line As Danube River Water Level Falls
The Cernavoda nuclear power plant in Romania has been taken off line after water
levels in the Danube river ‘decreased tremendously’ at the weekend.
Romanian nuclear utility Nuclearelectrica said that the decision to take
Cernavoda-1 off line was made in the early evening of 23rd August after water
levels dropped during the night of 22nd August, and an expected “continuing quick
decrease” of between five to eight centimetres of water per day was forecast by
the country’s National Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (INMH).
Nuclearelectrica told NucNet that the unit was shut down gradually, starting at
17.30 hours on 23rd August, “in order to allow conventional electric power
stations to start operation”, and that the shut down procedure was complete by
Water levels in the Danube dropped to below two metres last Saturday during an
ongoing hot and dry period in the country. Nuclearelectrica said that as a
result, the cooling water pumps at the unit were unable to operate properly owing
to a lack of adequate water volume and pressure. The utility added that the
river’s flow “was under the value of 1600 cubic metres per second (m3/sec)” – the
lowest recorded level in 160 years – compared to an average August flow of
between 4400 to 4600 m3/sec.
Romania’s minister of economy and commerce, Dan Ioan Popescu, said that he hoped
the unit would be able to re-enter operation by 15th September. However, he said
that water levels should return to between two to two-and-a-half metres. He added
that the INMH has forecast that the river flow should reach 2800 m3/sec by the
end of October.
Cernavoda-1 entered commercial operation in 1996, and produced 5.5 terawatt
hours of electricity in 2002. A commercial contract for the completion and
commissioning of Cernavoda-2 came into effect in April this year, and unit
completion is expected in 2007.
Separately, a spokesman for Kozloduy nuclear power plant, also situated on the
Danube river in the north-west of Bulgaria, told NucNet today that the four
operating units at the plant continued to operate as normal.

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