Minatom presented Russia-designed VVER-1000 reactor in China

November 17 Minatom of Russia held a presentation of the Russian light water VVER-1000 reactor designs in China in frames of the spinning off nuclear-power build-up program. As RF Deputy Minister of Atomic Energy Vladimir Asmolov told in interview to Nuclear.Ru, Russia would participate in all new tenders to be called for by China and which are also to be participated by French, American and Japanese companies. “Now two power units are constructed to our designs in China and it is highly likely that we will build two more units at the same site”, Asmolov said. He also said Minatom of Russia planned for a wider presentation in China of Russia’s reactor building capabilities, in particular the light water trend.

”We want to present two options of a nuclear power unit with VVER-1000 reactor, and I am certain that within two coming years they will merge in a sort of integral design in Russia”, the Deputy Minister noted adding that a certain difference in approaches should be overcome first for this to happen. In both designs the reactor installation is the same and the difference is minor. “These two units - VVER-92 and VVER-91/99, which was offered for the Finnish tender - are the most advanced technologies and if we were to merge them, this would produce a perfect nuclear power unit, which would be competitive at any tender”, Asmolov stressed.

He also said that Minatom of Russia planned to present in China the medium-power VVER-640 reactor. Asmolov believes that in countries and regions with underdeveloped power grids and where 1,000-megawatt reactors are unusable because of that, as in the northern regions of China, the units with lower power capacity will certainly be of interest. Lastly, the Deputy Minister said China would be familiarized with 1,500-megawatt reactor design (VVER-1500) but for another purpose, i.e. to propose to the Chinese side to jointly finalize the design. “The matter is to attract investments since neither Minatom nor Rosenergoatom have funds to develop the design as it should be”, Asmolov explained.


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