India will go as far as possible to the breeder reactors

The necessity to pursue fast neutron reactors is conditioned by the current situation in India. This was said to Nuclear.Ru by Shivram Bhoje, the Director of Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research, during the international science and technology forum currently held in Obninsk. "The demand for energy and the energy resources available in the country, which very clearly show that we are to go for nuclear power, Bhoje said. "As of thermal reactors, we use pressurized water reactors, but we have very limited uranium in the country. So we will go as far as possible to the breeder reactors."

According to Bhoje, the Indian experts have gained good experience in this area operating their 40-megawatt reactor, which has been in operation for fifteen years in Kalpakkam. "We use a unique carbide fuel and the performance is much more than we expected, he said. "Based on this experience we have designed and developed a 500-megawatt reactor. The design has completed and the construction has been started by a new company last August." Indira Gandhi Center’s Director said the construction would be completed in six years. Then another 500-megawatt reactor will be built with 1000 MW one being under design in parallel.

"The government provides very good support to nuclear power and fast breeder reactors", Bhoje said. He believes that a large-scale transition to "fast" reactors in India could start in twenty years since this direction is incorporated in the India’s national energy strategy. He also noted that India would like to cooperate with Russian organizations, in particular, with OKBM named after A.I. Afrikantov and IPPE of Obninsk, but this cooperation is hindered by political problems. "So far we don’t have a direct collaboration [with Russia] but what has been published we use this information", Bhoje said. "But in future when given an opportunity we would like to work with Russia", he added.


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