Russia’s Atomic Energy Minister set the guidelines for 2004

Russia’s Minister for Atomic Energy Alexander Rumyantsev has laid down the guidelines of the ministry’s activities in 2004, the RF Government Information Department reported. They will be the preservation and development of the scientific and technological potential, industrial and test basis indispensable for further security and reliability of nuclear weapons; increase of nuclear power generation through a higher capacity factor and launch of new power units; continuation of the construction of N-plants in Iran, India and China, reaching first criticality and commissioning at the Tianwan-1.

The minister also pointed out the first criticality and start of commercial operation at Kalinin-3 to be completed in 2004, further construction work at high preparedness power units, such as Kursk-5, Volgodonsk-2, Balakovo-5, Beloyarsk-4, modernization and lifespan extension of power units at the Kola NPP and the Leningrad NPP; activities aimed to create long-term dry spent fuel storages, increase exports of nuclear fuel and nuclear technologies; further disposal of scrapped nuke-subs, continuing disposition of surplus weapons-grade nuclear materials.

Concerning the international activities Mr. Rumyantsev said it would be a priority for Minatom of Russia to participate in large scale international projects in the sphere of advanced reactor and nuclear technologies related to the energy security of the sustainable development of the mankind (ITER, INPRO, GT-MHR); further implementation of Russian and international projects regarding the conversion of defense enterprises aimed to launch high-tech and science-intensive production for civil purposes; continuation of basic and applied research work in order to develop nuclear power generation and fortify the defense capabilities.


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