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IAEA Announces Three INES Level 2 Radiation-Exposure Incidents

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has announced a final level two
‘incident’ rating on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES) concerning the
occupational overexposure to a nuclear pharmacist trainee in the US state of
South Carolina – as well as two separate provisional level two incidents also
involving occupational exposure.

According to the recently announced report on the incident in Columbia, South
Carolina, the overexposure occurred on 17th March when, while preparing a
radiopharmaceutical, the pharmacist trainee spilled a vial containing liquid
iodine-131. A consultant determined that the trainee received a shallow dose
equivalent of 7400 milligrays, a deep dose equivalent of 70 millisieverts (mSv)
and a thyroid dose of 0.9 mSv. The corresponding annual limits of the US Nuclear
Regulator Commission (NRC) are 500 mSv for a shallow dose equivalent and 50 mSv
for the weighted sum of the deep dose equivalent and the thyroid dose.

Two other separate incidents have received provisional level two ratings. The
IAEA announced the overexposure to a US radiation worker in Monroe, Louisiana.
According to the information received by the NRC, the incident occurred in
January – when a radiographer received a reported dose of 93.47 mSv due to
failure to secure properly an industrial radiography camera.

In Spain, Spanish nuclear safety authority CSN reported to the IAEA an incident
involving the overexposure of two radiographers in April – resulting from the
failure to follow operational procedures during the preparation of radiography
exposures. Dose evaluation resulted in 158 mSv and 79 mSv estimated doses for the
two workers.

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