Former UK Energy Minister Makes Case For Nuclear New-Build

Brian Wilson, the UK’s former energy minister, on 22nd August said that "the case for resuming a nuclear energy programme in the UK is so strong that the time is ripe to take the argument head-on".

Mr Wilson was replaced as energy minister last year, although he continues to be a member of Britain’s governing Labour Party, a member of parliament and is the special representative on overseas trade of the prime minister, Tony Blair.

His comments on 22nd August were part of an article Mr Wilson wrote for a leading British Sunday newspaper, ‘The Observer’, in which he said it was "a myth that the world is turning its back on nuclear".

Mr Wilson said the UK government "has sought to reconcile two positions that are almost certainly irreconcilable". He added: "On the one hand, we have signed up for Kyoto and taken a lead in arguing the urgency of the climate change imperative. On the other, we brought into government a generational prejudice against nuclear power that evolved largely on the premise that it is the other side of the coin that is nuclear weapons… There might not have been a civil nuclear industry had it not been a by-product of military investment. But, while that is an interesting historical and political fact, it is not a persuasive argument against a present-day assessment of what nuclear power has to offer.


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