The Environment Needs Nuclear

Part 1:
Nuclear energy is a sustainable and clean, safe and economic way to meet the world's critically rising demand for electricity.

By 2050, world energy consumption will double and demand for electricity will treble. This dramatic expansion in energy consumption, much of it in the developing world, cannot be satisfied by "new renewables" like wind and solar power even though these technologies will contribute in certain localities.

Realistically, nuclear energy is the one clean-energy technology capable of major expansion to provide continuous, reliable electricity supplies on a large scale. Raw materials pose no constraint, as prospects are excellent for uranium supplies at stable long-term costs.

One-third of the world's people have no access to electricity, and another third have only limited access. In striving to meet their energy needs, populous developing nations could greatly increase global emissions of carbon dioxide.

Uranium is a natural element and natural radioactivity is constantly around us.

Many countries have a strong commitment to nuclear energy. Among them, China, India, the United States, Russia, Japan and South Korea represent half the world's population. Currently 440 power reactors in 31 countries provide 16% of the world's electricity - with 30 more reactors under construction.

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