Poland Needs First N-Plant In Operation By 2022, Says Government

The Polish government has confirmed its intention to have the country’s first nuclear
power plant in operation by 2021 or 2022 and has called for public debate on the subject
to start immediately.
Poland’s Council of Ministers (cabinet) approved the nuclear proposal on 4th January 2005 as
part of a draft policy addressing the country’s energy needs up to 2025. No details have been
given of the type or number of units that might be under consideration.
The policy document read in part: “In view of the necessary diversification of primary energy
sources and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions… the introduction of nuclear power
into the national power system becomes justified… and taking into account the duration of the
investment cycle, public debate on this issue must be initiated immediately.”
Ministers agreed that, “for social and technological reasons”, it would be “impossible” to
commission a nuclear plant before 2021, “even if the decision to start the preparations for such
an investment were taken today”. The policy document estimates a period of 10 years is
needed to encourage the investment process in Poland – “a country practically deprived of any
experience in this area” – plus a five-year campaign to secure public acceptance of the project.”
The document says forecasts indicate the need for operational nuclear power during the last
five years of the period ending 2025 and adds: “At the assumed Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
volume increase and foreseen energy demand increase it has been assumed that by 2025…
Poland would be much closer to the energy-consuming standards attained in highly developed

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