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Nuclear Is A Renewable Source Of Energy, Says UK Science Minister

A senior UK minister has told a debate in the country’s parliament that
nuclear power should be classified as a “renewable source of energy”.

Lord Sainsbury of Turville, the parliamentary under-secretary of state for
science and innovation, was speaking during a debate on energy supply in the
upper house of the UK’s parliament, the House of Lords, on 27th October

Baroness O'Cathain, who initiated the debate, asked the minister if he would
“reclassify nuclear as renewable”.

Lord Sainsbury said: “Lady O'Cathain offered me the opportunity of gaining
the approval of the whole House by agreeing that nuclear is a renewable
source of energy — it clearly is so. I am very happy to agree that nuclear
is a renewable source of energy.”

Lord Sainsbury said nuclear had “other problems such as safety and
environmental impact”, but said the UK government did not see “new nuclear
build or any other single technology as a ‘silver bullet’ solution to our
future energy needs”.

He added: “The Prime Minister (Tony Blair) announced last month that the
government will publish proposals on the future of energy policy next year,
and that will need to consider all options, including emerging technologies
from renewables to carbon capture and storage and civil nuclear power.

“In the context of the importance of tackling climate change and an
increasing reliance on imported fossil fuels, civil nuclear power, a source
of low-carbon electricity, is clearly an option that we will need to look at
with particular care.

“If nuclear power is to be accepted by people, they need to know that we
have a solution to nuclear waste. I had hoped that we would have learnt the
lesson from the past that taking new technologies and pushing them forward
without any consideration of the concerns that people have about them is a
foolish way to proceed. People have real concerns, and one of those concerns
is about what happens with nuclear waste. If we push forward without taking
account of those concerns and without a solution for them, we will get into
real trouble.”

Additionally, Lord Sainsbury stressed the importance of science and
technology in tackling climate change. He said: “It is foolish to believe
that China and India will in any way cut back their growth to solve climate
change. Certainly, the USA will not do so, and I doubt very much that any
political party will go to the people of this country (the UK) and suggest to
them that they should cut back their standard of living to deal with climate
change. That means that science and technology must provide the solution with
regard to new sources of energy.”

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