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Germans Must Face Need For Longer N-Plant Lifetimes, Says Industry Chief

The head of the German Industrial Association (BDI) has
called for the country’s nuclear power plants to be allowed to operate for
up to 60 years to help reduce rising electricity prices and to combat

BDI president Juergen Thumann told the winter meeting of the German Atomic
Forum (DAtF) in Berlin on 9 February 2006: “Germany’s nuclear power plants
are maintained in top operating condition so why not let them operate

Germany’s former coalition government limited total operating lifetimes of
German units to about 32 years under legislation which came into force in
2002 aimed at ensuring an “orderly end” to the use of nuclear power in

However, Mr Thumann said: “We have to prepare the public for longer use of
nuclear power in this country. We should have long lifetimes up to 60
years. This will curb electricity prices and reduce the burden on the
climate, a burden we would have to expect if we were to switch entirely to
fossil fuel energy sources.”

Mr Thumann said there was “no point” in pushing for a debate about the
benefits of building new nuclear plants in Germany because the country’s
new coalition government, which was formed in November 2005, had agreed not
to pursue this issue. However, he said “lifetime extensions are something

“Politicians are listening to voters… the decision to phase out nuclear
power in Germany was wrong and in terms of the consequences of that
decision the worst is yet to come. To limit lifetimes is to endanger the
conditions of security of supply and affordability of supply.”

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