Swiss Believe In New Nuclear Units, Survey Indicates

Most of the Swiss believe it is necessary to build new nuclear reactor units to replace existing units that are taken out of service at the end of their operating lifetimes, according to the latest survey carried out on behalf of Swissnuclear, the nuclear energy section of the Swiss electricity grid companies’ organisation Swisselectric.

The telephone survey, carried out by market research company Demoscope, showed that 54.6 percent of those questioned were in favour of constructing replacement units, while 41.1 percent were against and 4.3 percent undecided.

The survey showed that as in previous years most people (82.4 percent) felt Swiss nuclear facilities were safe.

The number of those who believed nuclear units were essential for providing the country with electricity rose to 73 percent from 70.4 percent last year.

Swiss Nuclear said the attitude towards nuclear energy in Switzerland could be summed up as “critical, but favourable”. The group said it had noticed during the 10 years the survey has been carried out that there has been a general tendency towards acceptance of nuclear energy.

But the survey also showed that nuclear waste disposal was considered a significant challenge. However, 53.5 percent, an increase of 4.3 percent on last year, considered that solutions could be found in Switzerland.

Switzerland has five nuclear units in commercial operation contributing about 40 percent to the country’s electricity production.

Zdroj: NucNet

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