Výběr zpráv ze sítě NucNet - 9. týden 2012

World’s Oldest Operating Reactor Shuts Down For Good

The oldest nuclear reactor still in commercial operation in the world was shut down permanently on Wednesday 29 February.

Unit A1 of the Oldbury nuclear plant in Gloucestershire, southwest England, was shut down at 11:00 local time after 44 years of commercial operation because it is no longer economically viable, said operator Magnox Ltd and site owner the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

The 217-megawatt gas-cooled unit first achieved criticality on 1 August 1967 and began commercial operation on 31 December 1967.

Unit 2 at Oldbury, an identical GCR unit, was shut down on 30 June 2011, in line with its agreed operating limits.

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