Výběr zpráv ze sítě NucNet - 36. týden 2013

Politicians ‘Must Find Will’ To Build New Temelín Units

Renewables are not the answer to the Czech Republic’s energy needs. Instead, politicians need to find the will to press ahead with new reactors at the Temelín nuclear plant, the secretary-general of the Czech Nuclear Society has said.

Václav Hanus, who is also chief chemist at Temelín, said in an interview with NucNet that renewable sources of energy required too much land and the Czech public, most of whom favour nuclear, would not accept this.

Mr Hanus said plans to build two new units at Temelín are “vital for the Czech Republic”. He said: “It is economically and ecologically feasible and necessary, and is essential for our energy independence.”

Mr Hanus said it is only a question of time before politicians and management “find the courage” to make a decision to go ahead with construction.

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