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The Nuclear4Climate initiative is under way! Lots of news as associations around the world get on board, and new tools for you to use in your communication:

1. A video tutorial on why nuclear is part of the solution to fight climate change: the Belgium Nuclear Forum has produced, as part of the Nuclear for Climate initiative, an educational multimedia piece in English explaining why nuclear is part of the solution to fight climate change. You will find the video on the Nuclear4Climate youtube channel at PLEASE distribute and tweet so it becomes viral.

2. A new infographic piece with key figures on Nuclear and Climate for the European Union produced by FORATOM. This piece contains great figures to be used by associations in the EU, including key facts such as nuclear as share of low-carbon electricity in the EU. Do you know: “the amount of emissions of CO2eq that nuclear avoids in Europe is almost equivalent to that from the car fleets of Germany, France, the UK and Italy”? These are suggestions available to your association to be used in your own future communication in your own country.

3. Websites: many associations have now launched their own Nuclear4Climate websites! Please visit them and promote them. They also may be sources of inspiration to create your own:

a. ANS:
b. Australian Nuclear Association:
c. Belgium Nuclear Forum:
e. Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (JAIF):
f. SFEN:
g. WNA:

4. National Events: SFEN launched the initiative in France on March 5th in a large national event in France (400 people present incl. media), and published its position paper, leveraging the messages from the master paper. NMD (the association of Turkish nuclear engineers) will do so in Istanbul on March 20th. If you need any support and tools on how to promote the initiative in your planned events, please contact us to see how we can support you. Boris Le Ngoc ( is your contact to access the basecamp server where you can find logos, graphical guidelines, models for booths, videos, ideas for goodies. Boris and Daphne ( can also promote your activities through the Nuclear4Climate social networks communication (twitter, youtube, scoop’it).

As we are making progress, we will continue to send this newsletter on a regular basis. Please contact us if you have any questions about the initiative, how you can participate to international initiatives, how you may leverage the tools to design your own communication program, and/or if you want some people in your organization to be added to your distribution list.

A separate e-mail will be sent to all representatives of the young generation nuclear associations,

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