15th Saint Nicolas Meeting

Every year for last 15 years Czech Young Generation of Czech Nuclear Society (CYG) holds in early December the annual Saint Nicholas Meeting (SNM), called after the Saint Nicholas Day, when kids all over Czech Republic are meeting Saint Nicholas, who treats them with candies and sweets for their year-long behaviour. Last year wasn’t different – 15th Saint Nicolas Meeting took place on premise the Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Department of Electrical Power Engineering. This meeting is main annual activity of Czech Young Generation, young generation network under Czech Nuclear Society. Over the years the meeting expanded from two to three days as well as the number of participant grew up. Last year’s SNM saw 72 participants with one quarter of them women. The participants were not only from Czech universities, nuclear industry and nuclear-related research centres but one third of them arrived from Slovakia, where Slovak Young Generation closely cooperates with CYG.

During first two days, students and young professionals presented their work in oral or in poster section. There were 42 papers presented, with significant accent on detectors, nuclear fuel, new materials and nanotechnology in nuclear industry. As usual main part of meeting was dedicated to the best nuclear-related theses from students of bachelor and master degree programs which are selected by Czech Nuclear Society each year. First prize in Best Bachelor Thesis category won Jana Kittnerova from Department of Nuclear Chemistry, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, who focused on cementum materials in the barriers for radioactive waste repositories. Prize for the Best Master Thesis went to young promising student from University of Defence Lucie Fiserova, who presented issues of radiation detectors and performed independent comparison of CdTe detectors. Both young women’s theses were enriching and spurred many discussions and questions from audience.

It is long-standing tradition of SNM that each meeting has at least one special presentation from invited nuclear professional, who shares his experience and knowledge with young colleagues. Last year Atom for peace treaty in back view of sixty years was presented by Czech nuclear safety specialist Zdenek Kriz from Centrum Vyzkumu Rez. The last day of meeting is as usual reserved for technical trip: this time SNM’s participants visited the new high voltage laboratory at the Brno University of Technology.

Jitka Matějková

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