Women in Nuclear

WIN is a worldwide association of women working professionally in the fields of nuclear energy and radiation application and willing to devote time to public information. It is established as non- profit making. WIN's working language is English.

WIN aims to contribute to objectively informing the public, especially women, on nuclear energy and radiation, in particular by:

a) meeting regularly to exchange ideas and experience between countries' WIN information groups;
b) establishing country WIN groups as widely as practicable;
c) supporting each other across the borders;
d) working out shared information techniques and information materials for international use.

WIN is open to women nuclear and radiation professionals and academics, as well as communications specialists from all over the world, pledged to adhere to the goals of this Charter. Men who support WIN goals are welcome. By decision in the Board WIN can accept Associate Members and associate organisations which have similar goals as WIN but have other charters and require other professional qualifications of their members. Associate Members cannot vote.

The constitutional authorities of WIN are
The General Assembly
The Board
The President
The Secretariat

The General Assembly is held in connection with the annual WIN Meeting and is open to all
WIN members. It has power to amend the Charter, to elect the Board, to elect the President, to decide membership fees when necessary, to dissolve the association.

The Board is the working core of the association. Within the Board there is an Executive of no fewer than five and no more than 12 members. These members may serve a maximum of three 2-year-terms. Board members finance themselves.

The President shall be elected by the General Assembly for a term of two years and may be immediately re-elected for a second period of office. The President shall chair the General Assembly and Board.

The Secretariat will report directly to the President.

WIN shall function through the work of its members and with as little funds as possible. Annual meetings shall be sponsored by the hosts and/or where necessary a registration will be charged. Special projects shall be funded by the interested parties. Membership fees will be levied only when necessary.
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